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Concord Integrated Preschool is designed to foster a love of learning through a positive first school experience for preschool students with disabilities and community peers. We provide the foundation for kindergarten readiness and future academics by encouraging children to become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners. Our classes provide an educationally enriched and stimulating environment with developmentally appropriate activities, highly trained staff, and an exceptionally creative curriculum.

The program is available to residents of Concord and children of CPS/CCHS staff.

Applications for next school year are being accepted now.

Preschool Application

Please submit your application form to the Special Education Office in the Ripley Building, at 120 Meriam Road.

Superintendent’s Message

COVID-19 Task Force Update and Anti-Racist Resources

June 4, 2020

Dear Families:

I wanted to provide an update on the COVID-19 Task Force discussions.  This week, each of the COVID-19 Task Force Working Groups met as did the Building-Based Task Forces.  We are grateful for the input of everyone who is engaged with these ten committees.   If you would still like to participate but haven’t heard from us yet, please watch for Focus Group invitations over the coming week.  The District Task Force meets on Wednesday, June 10 at which point we will be reviewing a big picture vision for the 2020-2021 school year and a brief assessment of the work ahead.  It seemed valuable to share the recent guidance released by the state to open camps and daycares since we expect much of it may translate to the directives we expect from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education later this month.  https://eeclead.force.com/resource/1591036172000/Min_Req


The Challenge Success program with whom we partner on student wellness posted anti-racist resources for parents. They are posted here:


We are finalizing plans for parent forums next week to allow for discussion and support.  Please watch for details shortly.


Finally, below I share the philanthropic efforts of a CCHS student to support those on the frontline.  We are so proud of the many efforts of our students to support others!




My name is Julia Zipoli and I am a sophomore at Concord Carlisle High School. Recently I founded a community service organization called, Caring for the Frontlines – Concord and Carlisle. I am raising money from members of the community and beyond and am also receiving donations from local businesses so that I may recognize essential workers who have worked so hard to keep the community going. I am emailing today regarding this project. So far, I have raised $900 from the community and family members and have begun to recognize one group of essential workers this week with the delivery of pizza for the Carlisle Police Department on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I will be delivering pizza to the Concord Police Department.  To contribute, please use this link:




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Bulletin Board


Please listen to the TV or radio for school closing or delayed opening.

If there is a delay, morning preschool is canceled;  full-day classes will follow Concord's late start schedule; afternoon classes will run as usual.

If there is an early release, afternoon preschool is canceled; full-day classes will follow Concord's early release schedule; morning classes will run as usual.

If Concord is closed, all preschool classes and therapy sessions are canceled.

For more detailed information, see the Snow Days and Delays page.

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